Review Management

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Powerful Review Management For
Small and Medium Businesses

We make it easy to collect and post reviews.

Customers rely on online reviews. In fact, 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. With Localize, you can easily request reviews from happy customers. Simply select a customer from your dashboard, and click. They'll receive a customized review request from your business that can be completed in minutes. Then, we'll automatically post all of your positive reviews on your website and Facebook Business Page to build trust with customers online.

Review Management Services for Local Businesses

Review Management Services for Local Businesses

We measure the success of your online ratings across the web

Measuring the success of a reputation management campaign is as easy as tracking the rankings for the negative press on the search engines. For example, if you search for “your company name + Reviews” and a negative review shows up as the 3rd result on Google then we would create rank reports periodically to show you that the negative press is moving from the 3rd position to the 4th, then 5th and eventually it will fall off of the first page of the search engines. Each month, we will track the negative press URL’s and measure how far back in the rankings they fall.

Share your best reviews, and manage your worst

Our strategy is simple: highlight your best reviews across the web, and hide your worst reviews. Although no one can completely remove your negative reviews, we can manage them by using our SEO chops to ensure if someone searches for something negative of yours, they will come up short and will only be able to view your more positive reviews. In some cases, we can even reach out to platforms where negative reviews live, and negotiate a removal or modification from a poster. This is often times a more time-intensive process, but it has proven to be successful.

Review Management Services for Local Businesses